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            Industry News menu

            Glass semi-annual report
            Time::2016-12-20 source:

            Float glass production line starts usually lag behind the spot price changes, so while prices weaker but starts or not downward, the speed of the supply contract or in the short term is less than the speed of falling demand, inventory is likely to continue to go up. But as a result of float glass production line, use fixed number of year of about 8 to 10 years, reach the fixed number of year must take a cold, the follow-up demand and prices weaken further lead to the second half of the glass industry, to speed up the first half of the cold repair progress overall, cold repair production schedule or slow, to melt on production quantity will decline gradually.
            Overall, we think that the second half of the float glass in stock are likely to continue to go up after the place of their current position high and volatile and is expected to follow-up glass futures before production starts appear sharply downward trend