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            Industry News menu

            Glass rebound is unsustainable
            Time::2016-12-20 source:

            Glass futures strong rise again, 1609 contracts since low of 973 yuan/ton, rebound to the recent high of 1060 yuan/ton, up nearly 9%. In the medium term, however, this wave of rebound of 1609 contracts unsustainable, later in the 930-930 yuan/ton range oscillation of probability is bigger.
            The spot market is in the off-season
            From seasonal, now this time node is the central spot market in the off-season, this year is met with continuous torrential rain, falling demand is very normal.
            Glass does not appear the price continued to fall for the node at this time of year, a very important reason is that the real estate market still remain strong. However, some signal into a shadow over afternoon glass demand.
            30 large and medium-sized city real estate transaction, according to data from the weekly ? began property clinch a deal in January