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            Glass short-term spot market's balance
            Time::2016-12-20 source:

            According to the monitoring, in east China, jiangsu HuaErRun 5 mm float glass factory price to 1224 yuan/ton; In north China, hebei security 5 mm float glass factory price to 1032 yuan/ton.
            Recently glass market running smoothly, because already in December, the late according to the traditional off-season effect will gradually appear, so it is relatively sensitive stage. Reported that around market temporarily basically is given priority to with stability, overall production and marketing situation well, so most production enterprises intentions go steady price goods. Shahe manufacturers are starting to slow shipment, stocks began to increase, east China and central China market goods speed is still slow, late end demand is difficult to have significant growth, manufacturers and the overall situation partial shipment delay, the northeast market has entered the off-season, factory prices become loose. Overall, the glass is given priority to with stable prices. Operation on the short-term spot market production and marketing is still calculate balance, sharp fluctuations in spot prices is difficult to see. But the off-season still pessimistic expectations, ? 1506