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            Company News menu

            knowledge contest of Decent culture
            Time::2017-09-05 source:decent

            In the afternoon on 2nd, Sep. 2017, we had a corporate culture knowledge competition in the meeting room, the scene was bustling with excitement.

            The event had five teams. Company leadership attached great importance to this activity, each team also actively participated in and made full preparations. Competition had two parts: " required question" and " quick response question". Atmosphere of the competition was really warm and excited.

            After the fierce competition, finally sales team got the champion. Joint team(R&D,project, QC) got the second , and Potang team was the third. Present leadership awarded for the winning teams.

            Chairman Mr. Ye announced the event completely  successful, outstanding performance of the participators were fully approved, People who preparing the whole activity were praised. He hopes more such activities in the future will be held. The mission of "Learn, Grow, and satisfy your life" really deep into heart of each Decent people.

            Through this activity, further strengthens the staff to understand the corporate culture, enhance the consciousness of the staff to love the enterprise.