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            Development menu
            Create brilliant achievements in the future
            Zhejiang Deste Plastic Co., Ltd. was established
            Tiantai garden production base put into production
            Obtain "high-tech enterprise" title
            Tiantai County, "top ten enterprises" title
            The company won the first national invention patent -- sheet containing modified organic nano montmorillonite and plasticizer and its preparation method
            Obtain quality management system certification
            Peking University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Shanghai Silicate Institute and other institutions of higher learning and research institutions joint development
            Provincial Science and technology R & D center selected by Zhejiang science and Technology Department
            Slope pond production plant officially put into production
            Start the listing process, the introduction of strategic investment and strategic partners
            Obtain measurement management system certification
            Eight production plant formally put into operation, indicators close to international standards
            Obtain environmental management system certification
            Successfully developed and launched a high-end photovoltaic customers favored photovoltaic PVB film special resin material
            Company "internal market", everyone become operators, the implementation of post Entrepreneurship
            Set up "achievement oriented" wolf thinking, "introverted thinking" thinking mode
            Through TS16949 quality management system certification;
            Guangdong production base - Huaiji Huaide new materials Co. Ltd. was established
            Insulation, sound insulation diaphragm R & D success, officially put into operation
            Shareholding reform - Zhejiang Deste new materials Limited by Share Ltd incorporated